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This article answers many questions about the new country in development, Oceania.

The following topics are addressed:

    1. History of Oceania
    2. Description of Oceania
    3. Capitalist paradise
    4. The phases of building Oceania
    5. A haven for free thought
    6. A new land of justice
    1. What will be the major industries in Oceania?
    2. What will be the cost and size of Oceania?
    3. What is the status of the model?
    4. Why not buy an island?
    5. Is drug use legal in Oceania?
    6. Where will Oceania be located?
    7. Can people be extradited from Oceania?
    8. Can I visit your headquarters?
    9. Aren't you worried about hurricanes?
    10. How will construction of Oceania be financed?
    11. How can I help?
    12. How can I learn more about libertarianism and objectivism?
    13. Where did you get the name Oceania?
    1. Listserver/Mailing list
    2. FTP site
    3. WWW Site
    4. alt.culture.virtual.oceania


1.1) History of Oceania

The Atlantis Project began in February '93, conceived shortly after Tamara Clark was defeated by massive election fraud in her quest for the State Senate in Nevada. Its goal is to create a new country called Oceania, with this country being constructed on an artificial island in the Caribbean.

Eric Klien, Tamara Clark's treasurer, was greatly upset to uncover systemic, massive, nationwide election fraud throughout the U.S. and realized that the resources needed to combat it were way beyond his means. The death threats and intimidation by goons that the election fraud investigation encountered were just a hint of the size and power of the opposition. Being told by the state senate that they were "too tired" to review our five boxes of evidence was the final blow in our attempt to get this instance of election fraud reversed.

Having given up on the U.S., Eric looked for other countries with a bright future and found none. So the concept of a country on the sea was born. The project rapidly picked up steam in 1993, getting nationwide publicity on The Art Bell Show, Details Magazine, The Miami Herald, Boating Magazine and more. Worldwide publicity was received as well in Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England, and Belgium. Unfortunately, as the publicity increased the funds began to run out, and eventually the project ran out of money. A focus on donations instead of investments was its biggest mistake.

Slowly, after the project's collapse in April of 1994, the project is being brought back to life. At the moment the main goal of the project is to pay off past debts of the project plus to keep its supporters aware of the incremental progress that is being made. Once the project's debts are paid off, the project will go into full gear again. Eric Klien is currently undergoing numerous financial ventures to rebuild the project's finances.

1.2) Description of Oceania

As the slogan of Oceania suggests, we're out to "Break the Chains" that bind us. A complete Constitution and system of Laws were created early on. This way anyone involved may know about what they are investing their time and money. Since this is the first time in modern history a new country will be formed where there was none before, future Oceanians have the distinct opportunity of creating a governmental structure from the start rather than being required to revolt and overthrow a previously entrenched regime. The formation of Oceania is truly a peaceful way towards an ideal. Today, every society is hopelessly entangled in bureaucracy, corruption and/or outright slavery, forever muddled in the free-lunch philosophy. The founders of Oceania have set a course for freedom.

Appropriately named Oceania, our new country will be a floating sea-city. We plan to build it about fifty miles off the coast of Panama in the Caribbean Sea. Hired architect, Sten Sjostrand, has designed this revolutionary new idea for habitation so it may grow almost infinitely. Our structure will consist of hexagonal, modular units (each about 1.60 acres). Although we believe the initial layout will be a horseshoe shaped harbor, the form of Oceania will continually evolve. Its development should be as unique as those who become involved in its various enterprises.

At the outset, Oceania's amenities will include space for light industry, small parks, day-care centers, theaters, schools, libraries, resorts, shopping malls, sports facilities and ports for STOL airplanes, helicopters, and ships. The government of Oceania will be restricted in scope, allowing you to exercise your right to attain and keep honestly acquired wealth, and to use it as only you see fit. Genuine free-enterprise (as envisioned by Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek and Ayn Rand) will be practiced. Thus, what the market will provide is limited only by the imagination.

1.3) Capitalist paradise

Come live in Oceania...or just visit. Either way, there will be no better place on earth to do business. By its very nature, a land which, by law, keeps the non-productive and their government agents off the backs of the industrious capitalists, and more important, keeps the established firms from legislating its competition out of business, will have a thriving economy. The Law of Oceania has its basis in the separation of economy and state.

The rest of the world dwells in statist dominance over its productive class. Ranging from the most vicious socialist wealth- redistribution schemes to the over-regulated, protectionist fascist economies, we are offered strangulation and enslavement at every turn. In Oceania the sharks and barnacles will be in the sea, not on your property!

Upon habitation, a stock market, banking, import/export, manufacturing -- the whole spectrum of completely free, private enterprise -- will commence. Doing business is a right in Oceania; no government licensure will be tolerated. Earning and keeping your wealth is a right in Oceania; taxation is outlawed.

Take a minute to imagine what it would be like running your business (including raising capital) or making investments without the obnoxious interference of government bureaucrats and tax extortionists. Your lawyer will be hired to help you with contracts, not to keep you out of jail for breaking a "law". Your accountant can help you attain a better bottom line... not jump through government tax hoops.

In Oceania, we celebrate unabashed free-market capitalism. If you own a business, prepare to thrive in the competition. If you seek employment, revel in the idea of industries bidding for your services with ever higher wages and benefits. If you are a speculative investor, get ready to watch the wonder of the unchained human spirit unfold at your feet as inventors, artists, researchers, scientists -- unlimited creative thinkers -- vie for your support.

Imagine the glorious feast of opportunity....

1.4) The phases of building Oceania


Complete the constitution and laws of Oceania. This phase is complete and these documents are currently available.


Advertise and gain support for the project. This phase is 50% complete. To complete this marketing phase, the model debt must be paid off. The free publicitiy from having a paid for, completed model, would be much greater than that of all the paid advertising the project has contract to date.


Design Oceania. Initial models and design cost will cost $70,000. The final part of the third phase is when the blueprints are completed, which will cost approximately 1% of the construction costs. This phase is 50% complete and will go forward when the model debt is paid off.


Begin construction of Oceania. Once Phases One through Three are completed, private investors and companies will be approached for working capital. Then we begin the marketing and selling of "land" to real estate development companies. This phase is 0% complete due to burdensome "blue sky" laws involving investments.

1.5) A haven for free thought

Are you ready to begin living like an adult? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own moral choices? Are you ready to leave others to their own vices and habits? Are you ready to live in a nation where the government will not be your nanny? Or your neighbor's?

Oceanians will be expected to make their own lifestyle choices. Government will be prohibited from "sin-taxing", "warning", "zoning" and censoring what you listen to, watch, read or write! Oceanians are expected to be tolerant of others doing things they disapprove of. This is not so hard once they realize they need not tolerate any unwanted associations of any kind. Any regulations will be done privately; private property enables us to maintain privacy.

Your religion is yours to follow...or not. No majority-rule "community standards" will dictate laws over the individual or a congregation; you may pray as you see fit in your own house of worship; you may exclude the antagonizer.

In Oceania, "Big Brother" will not even be a little cousin!

1.6) A new land of justice

America began with the intent of seeing that criminals who violated the rights to property and privacy were dealt with swiftly and punished accordingly. A fair trial was promised for the accused. Something happened along the way: The laws became more complicated and intrusive because lawyers and legislators were able to tamper with your sanctity. Things will be different in Oceania. For a crime to be so in our new country, there must be a victim. For a conviction, jurors who understand their proper rights and duties will be in charge.


2.1) What will be the major industries in Oceania?

The marketplace will determine the major industries in Oceania. We guess that originally the major industries will be private banking, tourism, and fishing. Medical research would also move to Oceania, especially recombinant biotechnology. Finally, life extension technology can be pursued!

2.2) What will be the cost and size of Oceania?

The initial size that is planned for this project will be built to house approximately 10,000 to 30,000 people and the businesses and industry to support this population. Of course, with the innovative architecture and design, the sea city will have the ability to expand in order to accomodate its growing population.

We are roughly looking at one billion dollars to start construction. This will build approximately 80 hexagons and some additional property development. Most of actual construction should come from business or other land development companies.

2.3) What is the status of the model?

The model is completed but it is only half paid for.

2.4) Why not buy an island?

When the founder first considered this project, his first idea was to purchase an island. The more he investigated, the more he realized that for the purposes of sovereignty, none were available for purchase. There were islands for sale, but they were still under the umbrella of another government.

He also considered ninety-nine year land leases, but ultimately the land would still not be its own entity with all the privileges of being a sovereign country.

2.5) Is drug use legal in Oceania?

Since those who are interested in having residence in Oceania will adhere to the philosophy of "My body, my business", drug use of any kind (even vitamins) will be left up to the individual.

This does pose a problem when certain drugs leave Oceania soil in regard to relationships with other countries. It has been written within the laws of Oceania that drug exportation would compromise national safety if the country of Oceania were used as a vehicle to traffic mind-altering drugs to countries which deemed them illegal.

Those who would inhabit Oceania do not advocate one to use Oceania to violate another country's laws. This would very likely incite an attack against this peaceful nation.

2.6) Where will Oceania be located?

The site that has been chosen for Oceania is approximately fifty miles northeast off the coast of Panama.

The reason for this location is:

a. There has never been a hurricane in this area of the Caribbean in recorded history.
b. The temperature is always moderate so those who live there will have pleasant
   living conditions. This will also encourage tourism.
c. The water is only 100 feet deep, so it wouldn't be difficult to build up the sea
   floor if necessary.
d. This area is also near major trade routes.

2.7) Can people be extradited from Oceania?

For people who have been accused of crimes in other countries, if it is also a crime in Oceania, then the accused can be tried in Oceania under Oceania law. It will be up to the jury to decide the punishment if the accused is found guilty. The jury might decide on restitution, jail time in Oceania, or exile.

One note of interest is that the country accusing the defendant will be the actual prosecutor. In cases where the accused is found innocent, the country of origin will be liable for all court costs.

2.8) Can I visit your headquarters?

If you would like to come visit our headquarters in Las Vegas, please contact us first, so arrangements can be made. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about The Atlantis Project.

2.9) Aren't you worried about hurricanes?

50 miles east of Panama is the calmer side of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, the flexible and sturdy design of Oceania will allow it to survive hurricanes just as Sten Sjostrand's Saigon Hotel survived a hurricane undamaged. Sten Sjostrand is the architect designing Oceania for The Atlantis Project.

2.10) How will construction of Oceania be financed?

The construction of Oceania will be financed through selling off the platforms of Oceania to private investors. A single company will be established to sell off these platforms, then the company will be dissolved once all the initial land has been sold.

The eventual dissolution of this company is important to stop any conflicts of interest that may develop.

2.11) How can I help?

If you have the ability to work with CAD software, you can help work on the CAD animation of the model. You can also help us collect source material for the CAD animation such as still pictures of oceans and marine life and also sound files of oceans and marine life.

You can purchase things in our mall which is accessible via our web site, FTP site, and listserver. Or you can decide to provide us with new items to sell in our mall.

You can make tax deductible contributions (send e-mail for details).

You may read and review the constitution and laws. Note that "no" financial compensation will be given to anyone for suggestions on how to improve our constitution or laws. But Eric may decide to name a street after you in the housing development he will be building in OCEANIA.

You may promote our web site, FTP site, and listserver. It is felt that long term our web site will be our most important way in communicating with the public. A small team of people is currently working at doing a major upgrade of this site. We are currently receiving 20,000 accesses a week at our web site.

2.12) How can I learn more about libertarianism and objectivism?

Read talk.politics.libertarian and alt.philosophy.objectivism.

Please do not send us messages asking why we think it is right that Oceania does not have antitrust laws, welfare, or taxes.

2.13) Where did you get the name Oceania? Oceania is named after the fictional totalitarian state in George Orwell's book 1984 . It is hoped that the name of this country will cause more people to read this book and realize how similar the country they currently live in is like the country of Oceania described in this famous book.


3.1) Listserver/Mailing list

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3.2) FTP site

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3.3) WWW Site

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3.4) alt.culture.virtual.oceania

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