By Marshal T. Savage

[Image of Millennial Project Book]

In this book, Marshal Savage proposes that we colonize space, and he lists eight "easy" steps to colonizing the galaxy. The first step he calls Aquarius, which will be to establish floating sea cities.

Here's a quote about why the hexagonal structure is the best:

"The highest levels of order, like drops of water running to the sea, derive from apparently chaotic systems. Gaining access to the universe's chaotic bedrock requires clearing away the overburden of complexity. As Thoreau advises: 'Simplify, simplify.'

"To approach an ideal engineering solution, cybergenic design looks to natural harmony. Accordingly, the design of Aquarius must harmonize with nature, minimizing material requirements, while maximizing volume, usable surface area, and dynamic stability. Looking to cybergenic design, we find an optimal solution in the simple bubble float. "Certain aquatic snails use this design to build buoyant platforms from which they suspend themselves. The design is simple and efficient. When bubbles are packed together, they naturally form a hexagonal grid. This then is the inevitable template for a floating city like Aquarius."

There are some beautiful pictures of Aquarius in the book. There are also detailed plans about energy sources and food sources. The Millennial Project has over 100 pages devoted to appendixes, notes, and other reference material, plus nearly 400 pages devoted to the text on eight "easy" steps to colonize the galaxy.

The Millennial Project is available from The Atlantis Project for $24.95 which includes shipping and handling. You can charge to your Mastercard or Visa by sending us your card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, and billing address; or, just send a check to Eric Klien, 2656 Van Patten St. #23, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

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