The Atlantis Project will not be restarted. Founder Eric Klien's current project is Lifeboat Foundation, a project dedicated to the preservation of the human race.

The following letter is directed towards subscribers of The Atlantis Project/Oceania mailing list:
This is Eric Klien from The Atlantis Project. A project which ended in 1994, but even today continues to receive positive feedback.
In retrospect, the biggest problem concerning The Atlantis Project was lack of interest. Lack of interest and the fact that its precepts were based in Libertarian politics. The Libertarian party is small in number and too few members have the financial resources to bankroll their beliefs. The poor performance of Libertarian candidates throughout the nation is reflective of these sad facts.
I put a huge amount of effort into The Atlantis Project and the lessons learned from that experience have come to good use. I now run a fairly large web hosting company, and have for the past six years.
My reason for contacting you again, so many years after the Atlantis Project has ended, is that I have come upon a new endeavor that concerns all people, even Libertarians. In fact, this project is a humanitarian effort to preserve the future of all humankind. You can read about it and subscribe to our free newsletter at
Wish me luck!
P.S. Over the years, in case of renewed interest, I've kept in touch with many supporters. For example, the billing supervisor of my web hosting company used to be the general manager of The Atlantis Project. Well, guess who joined the Lifeboat Foundation team!