Oceania Images

These images were created by architect Jim Albea for the Atlantis Project using Intergraph Corporation's ModelView program to render a MicroStation 3D model. There are ten images, each of which is a different view of a computer generated model of Oceania as it might appear from an approaching helicopter or ship.

Thumbnails of all ten images appear below, and you can click on them to see the full-sized image(s). Jim used one of Intergraph's personal workstations, the TD1, to run both the ModelView and MicroStation software.


oce01.jpg (163k)

oce02.jpg (135k)

oce03.jpg (138k)

oce04.jpg (199k)

oce05.jpg (77k)

oce06.jpg (210k)

oce07.jpg (134k)

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